Documenta. Solstice.


Solstice is 21 June, the peak of 24 hours of daylight in Alaskan summers.  I’ve lived here over half my life but 24 hours of sunlight is one thing I’ve never gotten used to.  It creates a wild nervous energy and distorted sense of time.  I’ll work hard all “day”,  start cleaning up for the “night”, thinking it’s 9pm or so clock time and find it’s 2am, that I’ve worked 16 hours straight.  A lot got done on the garage to studio conversion including insulation, sheet rocking, the endless plaster sand sponge plaster sand sponge stage, texture spray and 4 coats of paint.  Over 80 trees had to be taken out to accommodate the satellite dish transmission.   As of today, I have half them hauled and stacked.

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