Week 1: Gestural Tribal/Graffiti Out of Class Drawing


Final drawing meeting requirements for Week 1 Out of Class Drawing:  Gestural with characteristics of  Tribal and/or Graffiti

Gestural Tribal/Graffiti

Time: 4.5 hours  Actuals: sprocket, piston, gears, butterfly wings  Paper: Canson Edition Light Gray 22 x 30  Media: black and white ink, gray felt tip marker, black, gray and white pastel  Process: Squeezed sponge loaded with ink+water onto paper for splatter effect.   Brush and ink wash to find center, define general shape.  Traced sprocket and gears with gray felt tip marker.  Gestural marking with black, gray and white pastels.  Used wet brush on pastels to refine gestural marks.




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Week 1: Sketchbook


I don’t require a sketchbook in my drawing classes though I highly recommend students have one.  Personally my sketchbooks are like an additional appendage: an extra arm, leg or bit of brain.   I am including an image from my sketchbook working notes for the Week 1 Out of Class drawing assignment Gestural Tribal/Graffiti.

Sketchbook Week 1

I’ve glued actual butterfly wings to a pen and inkwash drawing.  The sketch has incorporated elements of the Tribal genre as well as my personal icons:  machine parts and butterflies.






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Week 1: Research Project: Tribal/Graffiti


Research Projects are designed to introduce students to an assigned subculture genre.  They are due every Thursday and consist of 1 image, 2 websites and 10 descriptive words characterizing the genre.  They are to be presented on 8 1/2 x 11″ paper to share with other students, either posted in the classroom for the class session or displayed in one of the art department hall cases.  This is my Research Project for Week 1:  Tribal/Graffiti:

Rich of "Reducer"

Rich of "Reducer". Photo copyright James Drury; from The Art of the Tattoo by Henry Ferguson and Lynn Proctor.

Websites: Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall and Tribal Tattoos at Tattoojoy

Descriptive Words: symmetrical, stylized, monochrome, graphic design, bold, solid, black, arabesque, repetitive, negative space

I chose this particular image as it resembled a butterfly made from sprockets and gears, imagery that is part of my personal iconography already.  As the syllabus is highly experimental, I played it safe on the first few assignments, preferring to work with subjects I know well and love drawing.




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