Documenta. October.


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ApocaLego.  Flickr group for displaying & discussing Lego creations with an Apocalyptic or Post-Apocalyptic theme.

Steven Millhauser.  Dangerous Laughter.

Yowa Yowa Camera Woman Diary (thanks, Tat!)

Best SF Books.


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New Ceramics for October 2011


Currently loading new pieces to my Etsy shop at  Preview below:


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There was something very familiar about my new studio, particularly toward evening.

Took awhile for me to figure out what it was:  the space is very reminiscent of a series of drawings I did in 2004-06.  Which philosopher was it who said artists had to be careful as to what they created because life would become like it?



Cormac McCarthy.  The Crossing and The Road

Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre.  The Ruins of Detroit.

Rei Kawakubo.  Commes des Garcons Fall 2011.

Austin Kleon.  How To Steal Like An Artist (and 9 other things nobody told me)



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Documenta. August.


Garage to studio conversion:  last coat of paint drying.

Garage to studio conversion:  floor patch and sanding.

and finally, tiles.

Now for final detailing:  mop guard, window mouldings, outlet covers…

Late summer storms over Cook Inlet.

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Chance Composition. Overspray.




Janna Levin.  A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines.

Yoshitaka Amano.  The Complete Prints of Yoshitako Amano.

John Banville.  Infinities.

The Brothers Quay.  Street of Crocodiles.

Atari Teenage Riot.  Is This Hyperreal

Alec Empire.  Intelligence and Sacrifice

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Documenta. Solstice.


Solstice is 21 June, the peak of 24 hours of daylight in Alaskan summers.  I’ve lived here over half my life but 24 hours of sunlight is one thing I’ve never gotten used to.  It creates a wild nervous energy and distorted sense of time.  I’ll work hard all “day”,  start cleaning up for the “night”, thinking it’s 9pm or so clock time and find it’s 2am, that I’ve worked 16 hours straight.  A lot got done on the garage to studio conversion including insulation, sheet rocking, the endless plaster sand sponge plaster sand sponge stage, texture spray and 4 coats of paint.  Over 80 trees had to be taken out to accommodate the satellite dish transmission.   As of today, I have half them hauled and stacked.

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Chance Collection: From Under the Eaves


Items found when cleaning out from under the eaves.   Screws, a clam shell, a fishing lure that says something about Nebraska on it and a wide variety of primarily squirrel bones but also a few larger vertebrae that might be hare.

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Documenta – Early Summer


Garage to studio conversion:  seemingly miles of electrical wiring.

Kiln venting.

Redoubt venting.

After plumb bobbing the sun a few days in a row and getting a rough estimate of direction we needed to point antenna dish, we took time off  from studio conversion to install 17 ft (above ground) pole for dish.


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Metamorphosis Drawings


Metamorphosis, transition, change, tension.  These are small drawings, averaging 6 x 8″ in pen, ink and pastel.  More new work can be seen on my website in the Mixed Media and Ceramic sections.

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Documenta – May 2011


Garage to studio conversion:  window installed in one of the garage doors.

The concrete floor was uninsulated with no vapor barrier so we ended up raising the floor  1 1/2″ to insulate.

Raising the floor meant raising the existing doors.

Chance Collection.  A retractable measuring tape that quit retracting.  Selection of toasted concrete drill bits that were good for about 40 holes if you resisted pressing on the drill, 15 if you didn’t.   Bit on the farthest right was used to stop up the insulation to floor glue bottle.  And a regulator which didn’t, though it did for about 12 years.  The diaphragm went out approximately 5 minutes into a 20 minute oxy/acetylene cutting torch job.   It was on the oxygen tank.  It is entirely possible to complete the job by having someone you thoroughly trust with quick responses use the on/off valve to keep the oxygen carefully adjusted.  I’m not recommending this, mind, but I know it’s possible because guess who got that job.

No studio, no internet but a world of drawings.  8 x 6″.  Pen, ink and pastel.

Four wheeler trail through oak ferns.



China Mieville.  The City and the City

Iain M. Banks.  Transition

Paul Auster.  Invisible

Alain Robbe-Grillet.  Two novels:  Jealousy and In the Labyrinth

Lizzy Oxby.  Extn.21

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros.  Streetcore