Documenta – early April 2011


Beginning of conversion of 2 1/2 car garage to new studio.

Leaving Las Fairbanks Round 1.

The Volcano.  April Fools Day, 8:58pm.

“High Wildlife”?  Hmmm.



Kathe Koja.  Under the Poppy and Skin

Clutch.  Strange Cousins from the West.


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Documenta – Weather Bottles


23 Nov 2010.  Second day of Interior Alaska’s Icepocalypse.

23 Nov 2010.  I made three bottles in stoneware.  While they were still wet, I put them outside on the hood of my truck.

23 Nov 2010.

24 Nov 2010.

24 Nov 2010.

24 Nov 2010.

27 Nov 2010.

27 Nov 2010.  The three lumps are the bottles.

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The Potentially Illuminating Manuscriptopography of Camouflagae and Mimicus


This book is a compilation of quotes and deliberate misquotes put together by me using the sources named above ^.

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Documenta No. 1


My friend Val harvesting seal in the Arctic.  Image copyright:  Val.

Drying duck wings.

An owl scopes out my chicken yard.

One of the last rides of the season.

Portrait of my ear and hearing aid by Adam Ottavi Schiesl using 19thC ambrotype photography process.  He also photographed my water tank, outhouse and chicken yard fencing using the same process with spectacular results.  Image copyright by Adam.

“Good artists borrow, great artists steal.”  – variously attributed.  Deleuze quoting Picasso quoting TS Eliot.  Or maybe TS Eliot and Picasso had the same thought at exactly the same time and Deleuze is quoting either of them or both.  Or perhaps….

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INAE Website Returns


Thanks to Tatiana, my website is back up. Having owned and maintained my own website since the mid90s, it was a bit strange having someone else work on it. (“in” it?) She did a lovely job balancing between what was possible and my antipathy for gizmos, widgets, fancy pants programming (“Is that Flash on my site?!”) further exasperated by my Linux and Unix OS. Currently I am scanning and GIMPing my way through a 16 lb box of slides of my work, what remains after I threw out all the copies, damaged slides, work I don’t even remember doing but has my name and handwriting on the slide case and more work, or rather messes, I can’t believe I spent time, money, film taking in the first place. Which, fortunately, considering the mundane and repetitious labor involved in reformatting, amounted to trashing most of the slides. Successful images, or unsuccessful images of old work that has sentimental value, are being posted on the site. Sometimes I just post some new digital images, too.

Machines define what you can do.”William Gibson, in his rather disappointing Zero History.

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LED and Porcelain Red Nightlight


I’m honored to have one of my collaborative series of night lights included in NightFallTeddies Treasury East “Just Glow” The treasury includes illuminated earrings, glow-in-the-dark soap and enlightening glass work.

Led and Porcelain Red Nightlight
collaborative lighting by Keith and Laura C. Hewitt
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Etsy: April


One of my porcelain tumblers is currently included as a Related Item in the wonderful Storque article,”Keep It Weird: Rupture”

and my lithographed Wolves in the Cathedral platter is included in the intriguing selection “Etsy Finds: Forbidden Love”

I’m honored to have a pair of my earrings selected for Torropipi’s marvelously noir Treasury East: Dusk Till Down

Treasuries are temporary, generally expire in a couple days.  If you miss seeing torropipi’s treasury, check out her unique and enchanting handmade jewelry from Croatia

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Steampunk Mother's Day


I’m honored to have one of my ceramic bowls featured at Lilly’s Workshop:  The Steampunk Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

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1000 Bottles of Solitude


I decided to make “a couple” small bottles for ceramic glaze testing. “A couple” became “a few” then became “many”. I originally called them 100 Bottles of Solitude but changed their title after completing over 200 with endless permutations still in my head. Ultimately, they have taken on a life of their own.

Selections from 1000 Bottles of Solitude

I consider the bottles three dimensional sketches and the entire series a sculptural journal. I particularly enjoy using random events (dropping, throwing or shooting) and domestic items from my daily life (spark plugs, forks, bones), as this allows me to distill that moment in time. Taken out of context and made permanent in high fired ceramic, they become compelling in ways I hadn’t planned, expressing the melancholy, whimsy, despair, absurdity or preciousness hidden within the mundane, the common and the every day.

And yes, I’ve read 100 Years of Solitude. I didn’t like the book, I do like the title.

“Solitude is unAmerican.” Erica Jong

Detail images of a few of the bottles:

Pierced Drawings


Pierced Drawing No. 1Pierced Drawing No.1

19 x 26″.  Pastel and ink on paper.  The first in a series of ten drawings of piercings.

Pierced PearPierced Pear

14 x 20″. Watercolor, aquarelle and colored pencils, pastel.  The last of a series of ten drawings with piercings.  I don’t know what inspired me to do the first few pierced drawings nor have I thought of anything clever to say about them post production.  Toward the end of the series I started poking the stainless steel ball piercing into anything sitting around simply for the absurdity and ended up with the Pierced Pear.

“I just don’t want to die without a few scars, I say. It’s nothing any more to have a beautiful stock body. You see those cars that are completely stock cherry, right out of a dealer’s showroom in 1955, I always think, what a waste.” Tyler Durden (Chuck Palahniuk), Fight Club