INAE Website Returns


Thanks to Tatiana, my website is back up. Having owned and maintained my own website since the mid90s, it was a bit strange having someone else work on it. (“in” it?) She did a lovely job balancing between what was possible and my antipathy for gizmos, widgets, fancy pants programming (“Is that Flash on my site?!”) further exasperated by my Linux and Unix OS. Currently I am scanning and GIMPing my way through a 16 lb box of slides of my work, what remains after I threw out all the copies, damaged slides, work I don’t even remember doing but has my name and handwriting on the slide case and more work, or rather messes, I can’t believe I spent time, money, film taking in the first place. Which, fortunately, considering the mundane and repetitious labor involved in reformatting, amounted to trashing most of the slides. Successful images, or unsuccessful images of old work that has sentimental value, are being posted on the site. Sometimes I just post some new digital images, too.

Machines define what you can do.”William Gibson, in his rather disappointing Zero History.

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