There was something very familiar about my new studio, particularly toward evening.

Took awhile for me to figure out what it was:  the space is very reminiscent of a series of drawings I did in 2004-06.  Which philosopher was it who said artists had to be careful as to what they created because life would become like it?



Cormac McCarthy.  The Crossing and The Road

Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre.  The Ruins of Detroit.

Rei Kawakubo.  Commes des Garcons Fall 2011.

Austin Kleon.  How To Steal Like An Artist (and 9 other things nobody told me)



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Documenta. August.


Garage to studio conversion:  last coat of paint drying.

Garage to studio conversion:  floor patch and sanding.

and finally, tiles.

Now for final detailing:  mop guard, window mouldings, outlet covers…

Late summer storms over Cook Inlet.

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