The Potentially Illuminating Manuscriptopography of Camouflagae and Mimicus


This book is a compilation of quotes and deliberate misquotes put together by me using the sources named above ^.

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LED and Porcelain Red Nightlight


I’m honored to have one of my collaborative series of night lights included in NightFallTeddies Treasury East “Just Glow” The treasury includes illuminated earrings, glow-in-the-dark soap and enlightening glass work.

Led and Porcelain Red Nightlight
collaborative lighting by Keith and Laura C. Hewitt
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Etsy: April


One of my porcelain tumblers is currently included as a Related Item in the wonderful Storque article,”Keep It Weird: Rupture”

and my lithographed Wolves in the Cathedral platter is included in the intriguing selection “Etsy Finds: Forbidden Love”

I’m honored to have a pair of my earrings selected for Torropipi’s marvelously noir Treasury East: Dusk Till Down

Treasuries are temporary, generally expire in a couple days.  If you miss seeing torropipi’s treasury, check out her unique and enchanting handmade jewelry from Croatia

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Playing the Deaf Card


Playing the Deaf CardPlaying the Deaf Card

3h x 8w x 7d”.  Wood box found in dumpster; leather, hearing aids, dried lynx ears, tarot cards.

Playing the Deaf Card, detailPlaying the Deaf Card, detail

Inside box:  hearing aid batteries, tarot card, computer print, leather, dried lynx ears.

Inspired by my legal deafness.  I used to mention my hearing impairment comfortably and offhandedly, to let people know I wasn’t ignoring them, on drugs or a complete dummy.  In recent years it has become so politically loaded that I now uncomfortably and only after much thought mention it, weighing whether it’s worth it or not to Play the Deaf Card.

“The consolation of deaf people is to read, and sometimes to scribble.”

Two Helmets


Bell Helmet #1First Bell Helmet

My first Bell motorcycle helmet, worn 1986 to 1992.  Embellished with caribou antler, lynx fur, red silk velvet and metallic felt tip marker.

Bell Helmet #2Second Bell Helmet

My second Bell motorcycle helmet, worn 1992 to 2005.  Embellished with bear bones, turkey feathers, electronic parts, electrical wire and paint.  Also did service as a Self-Portrait project when I was in grad school.

“Everyone crashes.  Some get back on.  Some don’t.  Some can’t.”  –Author Unknown

Three Hats


Camouflage HatCamouflage Hat

Life size and wearable.  Silk velvet, camouflage polar fleece, camouflage twill, lace, grouse wings, muskox fur.  Machine and hand sewn from self pattern.

Digital HatDigital Hat

Life size and wearable.  Velvet, leather, cotton shirting with circuit board pattern, chicken wings, circuit board, electronic parts, beads and feathers.  Machine and hand sewn from self pattern.

Topography HatTopography Hat

Life sized and wearable.  Silk velvet, hand painted silk with topography map pattern, arrow heads, camouflage silk mesh, silk mosquito net and hand made copper snaps.  Machine and hand sewn from self pattern.

“I myself have 12 hats, and each one represents a different personality.  Why just be yourself?” –Margaret Atwood